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Modern Liquid Chromatography of Macromolecules

This book considers modern concepts of the chromatography of high-molecularweight compounds and its main theoretical and methodological features. Recommendations are given for the preparation of high-performance chromatographic systems and the choice of the optimum conditions for their operation. Particular attention is directed to the problems of the interpretation of chromatographic data with the aim of obtaining various molecular-weight and structural characteristics of the macromolecules investigated: AMW, MWD, indices of polymer branching, the compositional homogeneity of copolymers, the functionality of oligomers, etc. Examples are given of various combinations of chromatographic and other methods that can be used to analyse complex polymer systems. The applications of chromatography to the study of the process of association of the macromolecules and the determination of the porous structure of sorbents are demonstrated. The progress of modern chromatographic methods and the preparation of highly efficient sorbents and polymer standards is reviewed. The book is intended for research workers and technologists.


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