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Common Statistical Methods for Clinical Research with SAS Examples, Second Edition

Clinical researchers, with or without a statistical background, will find this book an invaluable aid in understanding the statistical methods cited most frequently in clinical protocols, statistical analysis plans, clinical and statistical reports, and medical journals. Written in a manner which leads the nonstatistician through each test by example, substantive details are presented which will benefit even the experienced data analysts. Introductory chapters provide elementary statistical concepts as applied to clinical trials and an overview of statistical inference, including discussions of power, sample size calculations, p-values and the logic behind hypothesis testing. Numerous examples from clinical research are worked through both manually and using SAS. Methods presented include t-tests, analysis of variance, repeated measures ANOVA, linear regression, analysis of covariance, non-parametric tests, binomial tests, chi-square test, Fisher's exact test, McNemar's test, Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test, logistic regression, log-rank test, and Cox proportional hazards model.

Supports releases 6.08 and higher of SAS software.


  1. thank you so much.. have been waiting for quite a long time for this book. :)

    expecting more SAS books related to clinical research like Health care data and SAS system.

  2. Hey thanks a lot..
    Was waiting for this book for quite a long time. Thank you.

    Hope to get more SAS books related to clinical research like Health care data and SAS system. thanks once again.