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Sample Sizes for Clinical Trials

With worked examples and problems based on real-world scenarios, this book takes readers through the process of calculating the sample size for many types of clinical trials. It covers the most common types of clinical trials across all phases. The author discusses how assumptions made in a sample size calculation can impact the calculation. He provides calculations for many of the trials and offers hints and tips on how to optimize the calculations. He also illustrates the steps involved in determining sample size, from defining the trial objective to selecting an appropriate endpoint.


Guide to Nutritional Supplements

The rapidly expanding world of nutrition, functional foods and nutraceuticals, is increasingly complex. This Guide to Nutritional Supplements provides a concise and complete reference to the most common nutritionally significant elements. Including dietary guidelines, intake measurements and other contextual information, this Guide is the ideal reference for nutritionists and dieticians facing an increasing public awareness of supplements and who many be augmenting their diets with OTC supplements.

Focused on the nutritional values, impacts and interactions of supplements

Provides a science-based approach to determining the appropriate selection and application of supplements for improved diet and nutrition.


Preclinical Drug Development, Second Edition

Preclinical Drug Development, Second Edition discusses the broad realm of preclinical drug development, ranging from assessment of pharmacology and toxicology to the industry trends and regulatory expectations and requirements that support clinical trials. This guide is a fundamental resource for medicinal chemists, biologists, and other specialists in the drug development sciences.