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Sterilisation of Polymer Healthcare Products

"The use of polymers in medical technology continues to grow and provides major business opportunities for companies who service the medical industry. Sterilisation has always been challenging but sterilisation of polymer healthcare products is an even greater challenge - how do you sterilise without adversely affecting the end use or the end user? This comprehensive reference supplies insights into this developing field.

Sterilisation of Polymer Healthcare Products offers a thorough description of the conventional methods of ethylene oxide, gamma and electron-beam radiation, steam and dry heat sterilisation as well as covering newer methods such as hydrogen peroxide/plasma, gluteraldehyde, steam - formaldehyde, peracetic acid, chlorine dioxide and ozone.

With the many possible ways to sterilise healthcare products, and new techniques being developed all the time, the author identifies the variety of factors and functions that must be taken into account, such as the requirement for an understanding of physical, chemical and biological properties, design and manufacturing processes, quality control and regulatory issues.

This book discusses the evaluation of candidate materials and components for compatibility with the different sterilisation methods. From this point methods may be chosen and materials screened for biocompatibility, devices manufactured and samples tested, and a validation process chosen.

Sterilisation of Healthcare Products is a necessary and worthwhile reference for medical device manufacturers and polymer suppliers, as well as purchasing and quality assurance managers in the healthcare industry. It is designed to be of use to anyone already working in the field of sterilisation of healthcare products but it will be equally useful to someone about to start working in the field. "

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