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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

The textbook on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology provides comprehensively the fundamental concepts and principles in Biotechnology to expatiate and substantiate its numerous modern applications with regard to the spectacular development in the Pharmaceutical Industry. In a broader perspective, the students studying Biotechnology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels shall be grossly benefited by its well-planned systematically developed, structured, illustrated, expanded, elaborated, and profusely exemplified subject matter.It essentially comprise five major chapters, namely: Immunology and Immunological Preparations; Genetic Recombination; Antibiotics; Microbial Transformations; and Enzyme Immobilization. Besides, there are five auxiliary chapters, namely, Advent of Biotechnology; Biosensor Technology; Bioinformatics and Data Mining; Regulatory Issues in Biotechnology; and Safety in Biotechnology, which have been specifically included so as to stimulate the students, interest and broaden their horizon of knowledge and wisdom.The authors earnestly believe that the wide coverage of various topics mentioned above would certainly render Pharmaceutical Biotechnology to serve as an exclusive source of information`s, ideas, inspirations towards research, and finding newer possible practical solutions to problems encountered in the ever green pasture using knowledge of Biotechnology in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Contents Immunology and Immunological Preparations
Genetic Recombination
Microbial Transformations
Enzyme Immobilization
Advent of Biotechnology
Biosensor Technology
Bioinformatics and Data Mining
Regulatory Issues in Biotechnology
Safety in Biotechnology


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