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Sociology for Pharmacists: An Introduction

Sociology for Pharmacists provides undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy students with a concise introduction to key sociological concepts, perspectives and research evidence pertaining to health, illness and professional practice. This book is timely given that pharmacists are encouraged to broaden their day-to-day practice, so that they become more involved with advising clients, managing medicines and supporting the promotion of health. In the light of developments in the 'extended role' of pharmacists, students of pharmacy are required to understand the social context of health, illness and professional practice. This text therefore provides a grounding in these topics, and as well as reviewing the relevant research, readers are directed towards additional reading. Key issues covered include: * Key sociological concepts and perspectives * Contemporary developments in pharmacy practice and pharmacy's professional status * A review of research in to the way people react to illness and look after their health * How and why illness and disease are influenced by gender, ethnicity, and social class * Health education and pharmacists' role in health promotion and in ensuring appropriate medicine usage * Social research methods

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