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Pharmacy Practice

Today's pharmaceutical services are patient-oriented rather than drug-oriented. This shift towards patient-centred care comes at a time when healthcare is delivered by an integrated team of health workers. Effective pharmacy practice requires an understanding of the social context within which pharmacy is practised, recognising the particular needs and circumstances of the users of pharmaceutical services and of pharmacy's place within health service provision. Designed for undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacists, Pharmacy Practice provides a background to the social context of pharmacy including: 
* the development of pharmacy practice 
* international dimensions of pharmacy practice 
* health, illness, and medicines use 
* professional practice 
* meeting the pharmaceutical care needs of specific populations 
* measuring and regulating medicines use 
* research methods, evaluation, audit and clinical governance

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  1. it's a very good tecx book to build up pharmacist capacity in pharmacy and the best way to give the patient th e good adviser, it's all about health, merci..!