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Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, Fourth Edition

This is a medium-sized heavyweight classic, updated, honest and useful for physicians. The authors do not make a fuss about the wealth of data available in biochemistry, keep a cool attitude overall and somehow manage to inspire lay readers. Physicians benefit from it a lot, since the dreaded detail of molecular pathology is described at an amazing level of medical awareness and even clinical relevance. Molecular models are clear enough for the busy practitioner who has little if any real interest in the arcane wireframes of those nevertheless current substances involved in prescriptions. The print is fine, and readable, the pagesetting is minimalist but useful, and the index is workable. As for the biochemical material, in the original text of Lehninger, everything has been carefully updated, in order not to spoil the reader with the usual Big Pharma nonsense. Incredible as it may sound this is an independent book even in the Age of Virtual News. Highly Reccommended. In conclusion, here we have a book we will not buy for the beauty of our reference desk, even in the age of the instant reference.


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