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Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients, 5th edition

This is an excellent book that contains every phamaceutical excipient that I have ever had the need to know about. I work for a dietary supplement manufacturer and we quite often get calls from customers that want to know all about all those "other ingredients" that are listed on product cartons. The book has a section for each excipient and each excipient has the following sections: Nonproprietary Names, Synonyms, Chemical Name and CAS Registry Number, Empirical Formula and Molecular Weight, Structural Formula, Functional Category, Applications in Pharmaceutical Formulation or Technology, Description, Pharmacopeial Specifications, Typical Properties, stability and Storage Conditions, Incompatibilities, Method of Manufacture, Safety, Handling Precautions, Regulatory Status, Pharmacopeias, Related Substances, Comments, Specific References, General References, and Authors. While I have a background in Biology, I found several of the sections to be easy to understand by several of our employees that do not have a science background. While, still, there was highly technical/scientific information as well. Each excipient's information is contained in 2-4 pages. The book is arranged alphabetically which makes finding information easy. In addition, it contains an index that is very well constructed. For example: If you are looking for an Emulsifying Agent, the index lists all the excipients that can be used for that purpose. I can't say enough how easy this book is to use. Its information is pared down to the essential text, and is chocked full of graphs, charts and microscopic photos of the excipients.



  1. Very thank!
    Im brasilian and we dont have books these type around here...

    *my english is bad!

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