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Clean Water: An Introduction to Water Quality and Pollution Control

"Clean Water" is a book for anyone who is concerned about this precious resource and wants to become better informed. In straightforward language, Kenneth Vigil provides a comprehensive introduction to the many scientific, regulatory, and geographic issues associated with water quality and water pollution control.

Most other books on water quality and pollution control are highly technical and very specific, and are aimed at engineers, scientists, or attorneys. "Clean Water," on the other hand, is a comprehensive discussion of the subject intended for a wider audience of science students, educators, and concerned citizens.

Using photos and diagrams to illustrate and explain concepts, Vigil provides sufficient detail to educate readers about many broad topics and includes additional references at the end of each chapter for exploring specific topics in more detail.

"Clean Water" summarizes the basic fundamentals of water chemistry and microbiology and outlines important water quality rules and regulations, all in concise, understandable prose. It describes the basic scientific principles behind water pollution control and the broader approach of addressing water pollution problems through watershed management. There are sections on drinking water and a concluding chapter entitled "Getting Personal about Clean Water" about citizen involvement at home and in the community.

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