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Solving Problems in Food Engineering

* Allows those with little or no background in engineering to grapple with food engineering problems
* Includes supplemental text that covers the basics of food engineering problem solving
* Carefully graded practice problems progress from easy to complex

Solving Problems in Food Engineering is a step by step workbook intended to enhance students' understanding of complicated concepts and to help them practice solving food engineering problems. The book covers problems in fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer, and the most common unit operations that have applications in food processing, such as thermal processing, cooling and freezing, evaporation, psychrometrics and drying. Included are theoretical questions in the form of true or false, solved problems, semi-solved problems, and problems solved using a computer. The semi-solved problems guide students through the solution. Some of the problems progress from elementary level increasing difficulty so that the book is useful to food science as well as food engineering students.

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