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Practical Process Research & Development

This book will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to organic process research and development in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and agricultural chemical industries. Process R&D describes the steps taken, following synthesis and evaluation, to bring key compounds to market in a cost-effective manner. More people are being hired for work in this area as increasing numbers of drug candidates are identified through combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput screening. The book is directed to industrial (primarily organic) chemists, and academicians (particularly those involved in a growing number of start-up companies) and students who need insight into industrial process R&D. Current books do not describe hands-on, step-by-step, approaches to solving process development problems, including route, reagent, and solvent selection; optimising catalytic reactions; chiral syntheses; and "green chemistry." "Practical Process Research and Development" will be a valuable resource for researchers, managers, and graduate students.

* Provides insights into generating rugged, practical, cost-effective processes for the chemical preparation of "small molecules"
* Breaks down process optimization into route, reagent and solvent selection, development of reaction conditions, workup, crystallizations and more
* Includes over 100 tips for rapid process development
* Presents guidelines for implementing and troubleshooting processes

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Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures

Look no further for quick, complete answers to questions such as which laboratory tests to order or what the results might mean. Laboratory Tests And Diagnostic Procedures, 5th Edition covers more tests than any other reference of its kind, with over 900 lab tests and diagnostic procedures in all. In Part I, you'll find a unique, alphabetical list of hundreds of diseases, conditions, and symptoms, including the tests and procedures most commonly used to confirm or rule out a suspected diagnosis. Part II presents key information on virtually every laboratory and diagnostic test available. All test entries are up-to-date, concise, complete, and consistently presented, making this resource the perfect choice for students or practitioners who need fast, accurate information on diagnostic tests.

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Exploring the analysis of pharmaceuticals, including polymorphic forms, this book discusses regulatory requirements in pharmaceutical product development and pharmaceutical testing. It covers methods of drug separation and procedures such as capillary electrophoresis for chromatographic separation of molecules. Additional topics include drug formulation analysis using vibrational and magnetic resonance spectroscopy and identification of drug metabolites and decomposition products using such techniques as mass spectrometry. The book provides more than 300 tables, equations, drawings, and photographs, and convenient, easy-to-use indices, facilitating quick access to each topic.

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Mass Spectrometry of Proteins and Peptides (Methods in Molecular Biology, volume 146)

John R. Chapman recreates the success of his earlier acclaimed book (Protein and Peptide Analysis by Mass Spectrometry, 1996) with a major new collection of cutting-edge methods in the analysis of proteins and peptides. Contributed by well-established investigators, each chapter provides background information before guiding the researcher step-by-step through the experimental process, with detailed instructions to help assure experimental success. The applications covered range widely and include protein sequencing, higher-order structure determination, epitope mapping, kinetics, quantitation, glycosylation analysis, and bacterial typing. Authoritative and eminently practical, Mass Spectrometry of Proteins and Peptides demonstrates the full scope of this versatile analytical technique. All protein chemists and biochemists, as well as bioanalytical scientists, who want to exploit these powerful methods in their work, will find this book indispensable.

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Pharmaceutical Enzymes (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences)

A well-integrated, one-of-a-kind resource, this book offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary analyses of the entire pharmaceutical enzyme field, from molecular biology to clinical pharmacology. Emphasizing pharmacology and clinical impact, the book discusses robust methods of measurement and evaluation, reviews current knowledge on the bioavailability of pharmaceutical enzymes, and explores chemical approaches to tailoring enzymes for the improvement of therapeutic effectiveness. It provides a step-by-step approach to molecular modeling and unique laboratory guidelines for the testing and quality control of pharmaceutical enzymes.

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Dermatological and Transdermal Formulations (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Containing 350 illustrations, tables, and equations and covering AAPS/FDA guidelines for the experimentation and analysis of in vivo and in vitro percutaneous absorption, this reference provides comprehensive coverage of the development, preparation, and application of topical and transdermal therapeutic systems. Recognized international experts discuss the bioequivalence of dermatological and transdermal dosage forms. They explore the biochemistry and treatment of skin diseases, the structure and function of the skin, adverse dermal responses to drug formulations, mechanisms of drug transport through barrier membranes, and methods for measuring and modulating percutaneous permeation.

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Filing Patents Online: A Professional Guide

Securing a patent through the traditional paper process is slow and expensive. Market demands and the worldwide migration to online patent application systems require attorneys and inventors alike to become familiar with Wweb-based filing. Pursuing patents via the Internet is quicker and more affordable, and makes good business sense. Unfortunately, existing online patent software is cumbersome and difficult to master, forcing many inventors and attorneys to rely on outdated, expensive methods. Filing Patents Online: A Professional Guide provides patent attorneys, inventors, and businesses with a step-by-step guide for filing and pursuing patents electronically. This comprehensive analysis of online patent systems from around the world recommends the proper choices for filers, saving time and money and increasing the odds of success. By following the hands-on examples of real filings contained in this book and its accompanying media kit, you can harness the power of the Internet to research, plan, and write winning claims. Filing Patents Online can result in thousands of dollars in savings and a secured patent that will keep a company ahead of the competition.

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Large-Scale Adsorption and Chromatography, Volumes 1-2

This book presents a unified, up-to-date development of operating methods used for large-scale adsorption and chromatography. It groups together the operating methods which have been used or studied for large-scale applications. These methods have been classified and compared. The main unifying principle has been to use the same theory, the solute movement or local equilibrium theory, to present all of the methods. Mass transfer and dispersion effects are included with the nonlinear mass transfer zone (MTZ).
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British Pharmacopoeia 2007

The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) 2007 is the authoritative, current collection of standards for UK medicinal substances and the official source of all UK quality standards. It is an essential reference for anyone involved in pharmaceutical Research & Development, manufacturing and testing, and plays a vital role in ensuring that all medicinal substances on the UK market meet standards of safety, quality and efficacy.

The BP is supplied in a variety of formats designed for ease of use and a wide range of applications. The hard copy edition package contains a boxed five volume set with a separate Veterinary volume, a CD-ROM and access to a comprehensible, regularly updated website. Both the CD-ROM and online formats are easy to network for access across your organisation.

There will not be an edition of the BP entitled 'British Pharmacopoeia 2006'. In order to improve the alignment of the published edition with the effective date of its contents, the forthcoming edition is entitled 'British Pharmacopoeia 2007'.

Key features:

  • Extensive Revisions including 30 new BP texts
  • New Supplementary Chapters containing general guidance on Unlicensed Medicines and Method Validation
  • First BP monograph for Traditional Chinese Medicines
  • All European Pharmacopoeia 5th edition material up to and including Supplement 5.5 integrated into the text of BP 2007
  • Value-for-money networking with full technical support from the publishers
  • CD-ROM and website deliver the complete text of the British Pharmacopoeia, British Approved Names and European Pharmacopoeia standards directly to your PC

Laboratory Exercises To Accompany Microbiology

Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology, 5/e has been prepared to accompany Prescott et al's Microbiology, 5/e. Like the text, the laboratory manual provides a balanced introduction to laboratory techniques and principles that are important in each area of microbiology.

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World of Microbiology and Immunology

Excellent general resource
This book is a new but excellent resource for high school students. I will be able to use it in both my regular and advanced biology classes. The book tackles some very tough topics and it is the first I have seen that allows experts to translate difficult topics into something useable and valuable to high school students. The topics are also very timely for students interested in how biology relates to the news.

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Water Quality Systems, 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded

An excellent guide for anyone with a water system or water system problem, this book provides an A-Z reference for improving water quality, meeting new regulations, and reducing costs. Every page contains a time saving, money saving tip. The book covers water purity, renovations, design, construction, equipment, systems, cost reduction, maintenance and more. Also included is the latest information on EPA's WAVE Saver program for the hotel/motel industry, and coverage of other regulations and codes. The book is designed to make the information easy to find for the busy manager or professional who doesn't have time wade through pages and pages of textbook approaches.


Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies, First Edition

This Handbook is an authoritative reference for process and plant engineers, water treatment plant operators and environmental consultants. Practical information is provided for application to the treatment of drinking water and to industrial and municipal wastewater. The author presents material for those concerned with meeting government regulations, reducing or avoiding fines for violations, and making cost-effective decisions while producing a high quality of water via physical, chemical, and thermal techniques.

Included in the texts are sidebar discussions, questions for thinking and discussing, recommended resources for the reader, and a comprehensive glossary.

Two companion books by Cheremisinoff are available:
Handbook of Air Pollution Control Technologies, and Handbook of Solid Waste Management and Waste Minimization Technologies.

* Covers the treatment of drinking water as well as industrial and municipal wastewater
* Cost-efficiency considerations are incorporated in the discussion of methodologies
* Provides practical and broad-based information in one comprehensive source


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Third Edition

The use of refrigeration, either directly or as part of an air-conditioning system, is essential to almost every branch of industry.

There is a need for practitioners to familiarise themselves with the general principles and methods of refrigeration and air conditioning, and the types of plant and operation currently in use.

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of refrigeration and air-conditioning for the uninitiated student and a general overview of the industry for the practitioner. The fundamentals of the subject are introduced without involving the reader too deeply in theory and the content is presented in a logical order.

This fully revised and updated third edition has a new chapter on Refrigerants that deals with the many changes in this area over the last 10 years, including the phase out of CFC and HCFC refrigerants in line with Ozone depletion and Global Warming. New, replacement refrigerants are described, together with Codes of Practice introduced for maintenance and servicing of refrigeration plants. The increased use of Ammonia and Propane are included, with the relevant Health and Safety aspects, and the move towards Absorption refrigeration equipment as more environmentally friendly.

This new edition of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is a valuable reference source for practising engineers and essential reading for students.

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