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Modern Pharmaceutics, Fifth Edition, Volume 2: Applications and Advances

Volume 2 discusses the applications and approaches in advanced drug delivery systems, including transdermal, pulmonary, and ocular routes. In addition, it describes the impact of the shift to personalized medicines in the fields of pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmacogenomics, and nanotechnology.

DELIVERY OF DRUGS BY THE PULMONARY ROUTE - Covers the interaction between the physical chemistry of the formulations and administered particles with the anatomy of the bronchial and alveolar regions

PEDIATRIC AND GERIATRIC PHARMACEUTICS - Addresses the physiological changes, design, and production of formulations for each of these patient populations

BIOEQUIVALENCE EVALUATION - Covers how to measure the bioequivalence of the same drug in quick-release tablet, capsule, or sustained-release form, as well as branded and generic systems

TARGET-ORIENTED DELIVERY SYSTEMS - Explores the challenges of designing delivery systems that target specific sites in the body and cause fewer side effects through interaction with non-diseased tissues.


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