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New Animal Models of Human Neurological Diseases

This publication describes in detail some animal models of outstanding importance for the study of human neurological diseases. An introductory article provides a definition of animal models, looks at the history and ethics of their use, and highlights the reasons why animal models are so useful in scientific research. The following chapters present some of the newer models which play a key role in the study of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, stroke and peripheral neuropathy. Their specific features are detailed in the method section of each paper, and their application to the study of human neurological diseases is discussed in a comprehensive manner, i.e. limits and challenges posed by these models are evaluated and potential improvements suggested. 
A valuable single source of information, this book is recommended reading for neuroscientists as well as for neurologists and neurosurgeons interested in preclinical research on human neurological diseases.

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