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Dietary Supplements Pocket Companion

This is a pocket companion based on the "MRW, Dietary Supplements". 88 monographs are arranged alphabetically. How to use this book section will be rewritten. The introduction is omitted and aims to use the same symbols as in "Stockley's Pocket Companion".Based on the MRW, Dietary Supplements, this pocket companion will cover truncated versions of the 82 monographs in the large reference work with an additional 6 monographs (88 in total). Monographs will be listed alphabetically and will contain: brief description, constituents, human requirements, dietary sources, action, possible uses (in tabular form), bioavailability, precautions/contraindications, pregnancy and breast-feeding, adverse effects, interactions, dose and brief references (no more than ten per monograph). This title will therefore be a concise, quick reference for health professionals and will include a brief assessment of the latest evidence.

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