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Drug Delivery and Targeting: For Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists

The advances in biotechnology and molecular biology over recent years have resulted in a large number of novel molecules with the potential to revolutionize the treatment and prevention of disease. However, such potential is severely compromised by significant obstacles to delivery of these drugs in vivo. These obstacles are often so great that effective drug delivery and targeting is now recognized as the key to effective development of many therapeutics. 

Advanced drug delivery and targeting can offer significant advantages to conventional drugs, such as increased efficiency, convenience, and the potential for line extensions and market expansion. An accessible and easy-to-read textbook, Drug Delivery and Targeting for Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists is the first book to provide a comprehensive introduction to the principles of advanced drug delivery and targeting, their current applications and potential future developments, including:

*Methods to optimize therapeutic efficacy, and the related commercial implications
*Difficulties with drug absorption, unwanted distribution and premature inactivation / elimination
*Attempts to minimize toxicity or alter immunogenicity
*Methods to achieve rate-controlled drug release and effective drug targeting
*Novel and established routes of delivery 
*Use of new generation technologies such as biosensors, microchips, stimuli-sensitive hydrogels and plasmid-based gene therapy

This volume is indispensable for pharmaceutical students, scientists and researchers.

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