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Drug Delivery to the Lung

This book focuses on the aerosol treatment of lung diseases, recent improvements in the understanding of proper dosage, and major innovations in device technology applied to clinical practice. Examines the behavior of inspired spherical particles in the respiratory tract! Featuring over 1300 references, drawings, tables, photographs, and micrographs, Drug Delivery to the Lung · outlines the history of inhaled medications in the treatment of respiratory disease · describes aspects of respiratory structure to inhalation therapy emphasizing developmental changes · compares existing in vitro/in vivo correlations for key aerosol modalities with lung model predictions · discusses particle diameter measurement, particle size statistics, and aerosol test methods · reviews the clinical effects of altering the deposition site of various classes of aerosolized drugs · surveys the development of novel, efficient, and convenient nebulizer systems · details breath-actuated and spacer devices constructed for children · analyzes dry-powder and pressurized metered dose inhalers · considers the transition from CFCs to new environmentally friendly chemical propellants · and more! Giving the clinician an overview of factors essential to understanding drug delivery via nebulization, Drug Delivery to the Lung is a superlative reference for pulmonologists; physiologists; pharmaceutical scientists; immunologists; allergists; analytical, organic, and medicinal chemists and biochemists; chemical, genetic, and process engineers; and medical and graduate school students in these disciplines.


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