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Managing Pharmacy Practice: Principles, Strategies, and Systems

The myriad changes in health care and health care delivery have transformed the pharmacist's role within those systems. Reflecting these changes, Managing Pharmacy Practice: Principles, Strategies, and Systems delineates the managerial issues pharmacists face today and those that they will face in the future. Highlighting the growing impact of technology throughout pharmacy and healthcare, the book underlines the challenges of this rapidly evolving profession and explores strategies for success. Touching on basic management theory and thoroughly discussing systems theory, the text supplies the groundwork for analyzing managerial systems. This systems approach will allow the reader to understand the contextual relationships between seemingly disparate concepts. For example, the discussion of professionals and their role in society is juxtaposed with discussions of organizational designs and power. With contributions from leaders in fields as diverse as pharmacy, human resources, education, and management writing about their experiences, the book presents a broad overview of the complexities and intricacies inherent in managing systems in pharmacy.


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