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Medicines, 6th ed

This is the sixth edition of Medicines: The Comprehensive Guide – the most popular and best-selling dictionary-style reference source-book for the range of medicines, along with possible side-effects, that is available in the UK today. Previous editions of this book have sold almost two million copies. The text has been extensively revised – to take account of the many new drugs, both generic and proprietary, as well as entire new drug groups, that have been developed and marketed since publication of the fifth edition in 2000. Changes in details of those medicines that remain on the market are also included. Requests from the public have led to the inclusion in this edition of expanded warnings about possible interactions between drugs with other medicines – especially those that can be obtained without a prescription –herbal remedies and nutritional supplements. There is also an expanded glossary of medical terms, which hopefully readers will find useful in understanding some of the more technical terms.

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