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Column Handbook for Size Exclusion Chromatography

Column Handbook for Size Exclusion Chromatography is the first comprehensive reference to provide everything one needs to know about commercial analytical and preparative columns for size exclusion and gel filtration chromatography (SEC and GFC). SEC is now widely used as a quality assurance method in the polymer industry (both synthetic and biopolymers) to determine molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. The Handbook contains contributions from every column manufacturer around the world and from many experienced column users. It covers the technology, characterization, application, evaluation, maintenance, and quality control of analytical and preparative columns for SEC and GFC. Also included are columns for two closely related techniques, hydrodynamic chromatography and high osmotic pressure chromatography.

Key Features
* Evaluate and select columns with confidence for specific applications
* Optimize separations and improve the ruggedness of analytical methods
* Extend the service time of a column
* Establish a quality-control program to ensure consistency in column performance
* Avoid the expense of column damage or purchases that do not give the expected results.

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