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Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance guidelines, 10th edition

The 10th edition of the Quality assurance of pharmaceuticals: a compendium of guidelines and related materials is an essential resource for the global healthcare community, designed to strengthen pharmaceutical standards worldwide.

The compendium, developed for national regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and procurement agencies, is instrumental in upholding the globally acceptable standards of good manufacturing practices (GMP) and inspections. With forty-six guidelines, including eight new and ten revised ones, it provides a comprehensive framework for enhancing regulatory systems and international standards for pharmaceutical quality assurance.

The recent alerts on contaminated paediatric syrup medicines underline the urgency for strengthened measures in pharmaceutical manufacturing and for Member States to enforce these international standards to safeguard public health. Applying internationally acceptable standards supports local and regional production of medicines and the quality and safety of medicines circulating in international commerce.

In the context of global healthcare, the 10th edition of the WHO Quality Assurance of pharmaceuticals compendium, volume 2, is a commitment towards ensuring the quality, safety, and efficacy of pharmaceuticals worldwide. The compendium is one of several WHO initiatives aimed to strengthen quality assurance and access to medicines.


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