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Pharmaceutical Packaging Handbook

A complete overview of the role that packaging plays in the development and delivery of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Including a thorough examination of the industry in size and scope, this source gives an introduction drug dosage forms, vaccines, biologically produced products, and medical foods to the reader.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Handbook is the most complete and straightforward text on the market today and also lists information in an easy to follow fashion, making it a complete stand-alone reference for anyone working in the pharmaceutical industry.

discusses how packaging is designed and integrated into the product development cycle has an overview of the regulatory environment procedures provides the reader with a basic introduction into key aspects of navigating the regulations describing the materials used to package pharmaceuticals, including glass, metal, plastics, flexible films, rubbers and elastomers comments on some new hybrids used for packaging, with a short introduction to plastics, their makeup, and typical uses in packaging explores the processing techniques used with the materials to produce pharmaceutical containers and some of the strengths and weaknesses of the processes used for container fabrication introduces the reader to retort, aseptic, gas, and radiation sterilization of product discusses labeling and design for pharmaceuticals including how labels are produced, materials used, and production techniques.

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