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The Japanese Pharmacopoeia Fifteenth Edition (JP XV)

This is the English version of the 15th edition of the "Japanese Pharmacopoeia". It provides the official Japanese standard for the description and quality of drug substances and products. It contains over 1,300 articles regarding: general rules for preparations; processes and apparatus; monographs on drugs; and infrared reference spectra and ultraviolet-visible reference spectra.

Official Monographs provides 1483 articles, including 102 articles newly added and 8 articles deleted. Comprises the following items in order: The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ministerial Notification; Contents; Preface; General Notices; General Rules for Crude Drugs; General Rules for Preparations; General Tests, Processes and Apparatus; Official Monographs, including Monographs for Crude Drugs; Infrared Reference Spectra; Ultraviolet-visual Reference Spectra; General Information; Atomic Weight Table (2004) and Standard Atomic Weights 2004 as Appendix ; and Cumulative Index (English, Latin and Japanese titles).

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