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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Conceiving an up-to-date pharmaceutical biotechnology textbook that trains next-generation pharmacy students, as well as updating pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists … is a formidable challenge, and one which the editors … have accomplished to a high standard … . … [Many chapters] contain industrial case-studies of blockbuster drugs, thus giving this textbook an industrial scope that is difficult to find elsewhere. All the chapters are easy to read and well illustrated to aid understanding of the interdisciplinary content. Each chapter is authored by experts in the field and contains a good introductory section and an in-depth discussion of each topic.

The field of pharmaceutical biotechnology is a rapidly evolving subject. A whole new arsenal of protein pharmaceuticals is being produced by recombinant techniques for a spectrum of serious diseases such as cancer, viral infections, cardiovascular and hereditary disorders. In addition, we are confronted with new technologies such as polymerase chain reactions, combinatorial chemistry and gene therapy.

Completely revised and updated, this introductory textbook provides extensive coverage of both the basic science and the applications of biotechnology-produced pharmaceuticals, with special emphasis on their clinical use.


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