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The pfizer guide to careers in Pharmacy

We are living in the most exciting period in the history of pharmaceuticals, as new options lead to new opportunities for those of us in the field and those about to join us. Pharmacists are at a zenith in our ability to manage, cure and prevent disease. Demographics in this country practically ensure a bright future for those entering the profession. We’re witnessing a double dynamic in our population: growth in the number of births and an extended lifespan for men and women.
The record number of baby-boomers graduating into Social Security pensioners has set the stage for an increased use of drugs. When Medicare kicks in for the largest group of elderly ever seen, there will be a pronounced increase in pharmaceutical usage. It is estimated that the number of Americans over 65, now 38 million, will mushroom to 80 million in the next decade. Add to the mix the continuing discovery of new drugs and it’s easy to understand why, over the next few years, the number of prescriptions dispensed is expected to more than double.

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