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Handbook of Basic Tables for Chemical Analysis, Second Edition

If you are a researcher in organic chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical science, forensics, or environmental science, you make routine use of chemical analysis. And like its best-selling predecessor was, the Handbook of Basic Tables for Chemical Analysis, Second Edition is your one-stop source for the information needed to design chemical analyses. Here's what is new in the Second Edition:"New chapters on solutions, electroanalytical methods, electrophoresis, and laboratory safety"An expanded section on gas chromatography that includes data on compounds that attack common detectors"New information on detector optimization"An updated section on high performance liquid chromatography that provides the most recent chiral stationary phases, detector information, and revised solvent tables"Updated information on the most useful "wet" chemistry methods"Enlarged section of Miscellaneous Tables Going far beyond the landmark first edition in terms of scope and applications, the second edition provides current and updated data culled from a wide range of resources and consolidated into a concise yet easy-to-use format. The book's laser-like focus on core information gives you the knowledge you need when you need it - at the decision point.


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