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Analytical Instrumentation: Performance Characteristics and Quality

There is an increasing need for analysts to understand and be able to quantify the performance of analytical instruments, in particular with respect to the following:

* specifying equipment for purchase
* estimating uncertainties in intrumental measurements
* quantifying and demonstrating performance quality

This text links together an understanding of performance characteristics with an appreciation of the limitations imposed by instrument design, leading to the interplay of the validation and qualification processes within quality assurance systems.
A unique framework of topics covers the major instrumental techniques of spectrophotometry, chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, and atomic emission spectroscopy. The use of over 200 questions and answers, together with cross-referencing, helps to develop a thorough understanding of the various concepts that underpin the different techniques.
This book will appeal to a broad range of professional chemists, technicians and students, weither with reference to specific analytical techniques, or within a general course of study in instrumental performance. Analytical Techniques in the Sciences-This series of books provides coverage of all the major analytical techniques and their application in the most important areas of physical, life and materials sciences. Each text is presented in an open learning/distant learning style, in which the learning objectives are clearly identified. The reader's understanding of the material is constantly evaluated by the use of self-assessment and discussion questions.


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