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Tablet And Capsule Machine Instrumentation

A guide to all aspects of tablet and capsule machine instrumentation in pharmaceutical research, development and production.In order to produce a satisfactory tablet or capsule it is necessary to combine a sound formulation with a proper control of the tabletting or capsule filling process. These considerations involve the need to make accurate measurements and this text provides a practical guide to the techniques and applications of instrumentation used to make these measurements.This text provides a sound understanding of the principles and techniques involved, and of how data generated by instrumented machines can be applied to problems in pharmaceutical research, development and manufacture.It encompasses major advances in instrumentation methodology as well as in both tablet presses and capsule filling equipment. In particular there are new methods of measurement, the feeding of the output of instrumentation into computers has become routine, and instrumentation techniques have been expanded to tablet press simulators, automatic press control and capsule filling equipment.

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