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Clean Technology for the Manufacture of Specialty Chemicals

Producing large quantities of waste is not only environmentally unacceptable, it is also not viable in economic terms. The chemical industry, particularly the speciality and pharmaceuticals sectors, is becoming increasingly aware of the advantages associated with clean technology, particularly in terms of competitive advantage and environmental benefits.||Bringing together an understanding of the concepts and values of clean technology by using case studies from some leading European countries, this book provides an insight into subjects such as catalysis; process intensification; and how to measure the "green" value of a process. It also highlights the role played by both the chemical and chemical engineering disciplines in the development of cleaner processes.||Clean Technology for the Manufacture of Speciality Chemicals will prove valuable reading for process development chemists and engineers, particularly those in the specialities and pharmaceuticals sectors, and will also be an important source of teaching material for the growing number of clean technology chemistry courses.

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