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Advanced Pharmaceutical Solids

This extensive reference/text explores the principles, instrumentation, processes, and programs of pharmaceutical solid science as well as new aspects on one-component systems, micromeritics, polymorphism, solid-state stability, cohesion, powder flow, blending, single- unit sustained release, and tablet coating. Reveals unique approaches in pharmaceutical solid science not previously published in any other text! Providing current data on crystallization, dissolution from particles and polydisperse populations, powder volumes and densities, comminution, wet granulation, and hard-shell capsules, Advanced Pharmaceutical Solids · describes moisture isotherms with crystalline solids · documents the effects of moisture on solid-state stability · highlights tablet physics and principles · explains sustained release by microencapsulation · presents prediction equations for solubility in binary solvents · discusses particle sizes and diameters · identifies Brunauer, Emmett, and Teller Isotherms · and more! Considering properties of solids, permeamitry and gas absorption methods, amorphates, and purification by pH-change precipitation, Advanced Pharmaceutical Solids is an essential reference for pharmacists; pharmaceutical scientists; medicinal, physical, surface, colloid, and analytical chemists and biochemists; and an effective text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

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