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Filing Patents Online: A Professional Guide

Securing a patent through the traditional paper process is slow and expensive. Market demands and the worldwide migration to online patent application systems require attorneys and inventors alike to become familiar with Wweb-based filing. Pursuing patents via the Internet is quicker and more affordable, and makes good business sense. Unfortunately, existing online patent software is cumbersome and difficult to master, forcing many inventors and attorneys to rely on outdated, expensive methods. Filing Patents Online: A Professional Guide provides patent attorneys, inventors, and businesses with a step-by-step guide for filing and pursuing patents electronically. This comprehensive analysis of online patent systems from around the world recommends the proper choices for filers, saving time and money and increasing the odds of success. By following the hands-on examples of real filings contained in this book and its accompanying media kit, you can harness the power of the Internet to research, plan, and write winning claims. Filing Patents Online can result in thousands of dollars in savings and a secured patent that will keep a company ahead of the competition.

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